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The Wind Through The Keyhole

Stephen King Hodder Books

Enter the world of The Dark Tower, Stephen King's bestselling fantasy epic, inspired in party by The Lord of the Rings.

Join Roland Deschain, gunslinger from Gilead that was, knight errant of a decayed civilization, as he and his companions journey towards the distant Dark Tower. Leaving behind the Emerald City, they are confronted by a starkblast, an icy, terrifying storm that stops them in their tracks.  Roland begins to spin a story...

This is both a stand-alone novel for readers new to the world of the Dark Tower and a gift of deeper insight for existing fans. What does the young Roland discover when he is sent to investigate a slaughter at a ranch? Who is the 'skin man'? And what happens in the story Roland's mother used to read to him as a child, 'The Wind trough the Keyhole'?

'A frantic-paced puzzle-box adventure that encompasses gunslinger Roland Deschain's early years, werewolves and powerful storytelling' -Shortlist

'King's ability to entertain and unsettle cannot be denied. The skill with which he delivers a shock or sense of gothic terror is simply unmatched' - Independent On Sunday

'Another excellent example of King's sheer skill as a storyteller' - Sunday Express

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Baskı Tarihi2013
Sayfa Sayısı349
Baskı Sayısı1
Kağıt Cinsi2. Hamur
Cilt TipiCiltsiz

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