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Louis Faurer

Anne Wilkes Tucker Merrell

Louis Faurer was one of America's "quiet" photographers, known for his raw, melancholy, and psychologically charged photographs of life on the street, in particular his evocative shots of Times Square in the 1940s and 50s. Sharing a darkroom with his more famous colleague and friend Robert Frank, Faurer frequently drew on film noir compositional techniques to create memorable images, and was a lasting influence on Frank and other members of the New York school of photography. This catalog is illustrated with 140 large duotone and 10 color reproductions, including close-up views filling two pages.

"His work is gritty and edgy, but always sympathetic. He interpreted his subjects with a moving combination of tenderness and humor, the qualities that his friend and colleague Robert Frank regards as the key ingredients in Faurer's photography."

- Katherine Ware

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